Amish Dust as Medicine 

It may sound odd but new research has shown that the unique properties in the dust found in Amish homes helps prevent childhood asthma. Essentially the microbes in the air that accompany farm life help boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. I’m betting that Amish dust helps promote health overall and not just prevent allergic asthma, that’s my personal theory. Living close to nature, as God intended has wonderful blessings. You can read more here.


3 thoughts on “Amish Dust as Medicine 

  1. For one, no unnatural pesticides! Although, it’s sad to see the Amish now ever so slowly introducing more chemicals and technology (cellphone, social network) from what I’m seeing at the markets around Maryland. We spotted teenagers with what looked like cellphones, at least. These things are going to ruin such a good thing they’ve worked so hard to preserve. Still, they are far better in health than the general public.


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