Milwaukee Is a Pattern and Your Town Could Be Next

Milwaukee wasn’t always like this. Rioters weren’t targeting whites in the street for beat downs. Thugs weren’t burning down their own, local businesses to protest the shooting of a career criminal who pointed a loaded gun at a police officer. 
Milwaukee used to be a thriving metropolis of hard working German, French and Polish Catholics. They settled and built up  a beautiful, industrialized city -the crown jewel of Wisconsin’s industrious Christian, European, population. 

But decades of unchecked democratic, globalist, politics, and truck loads of big government welfare enabled those with the lowest work ethic, the lowest IQs and the most violent behavior to thrive over those earning and planning their way and it has created the city we now see on the nightly news. A city burning itself to the ground. 
Many of us are too young to remember when towns like Chicago and Milwaukee were dominated by family-focused, Christians who didn’t shy away from a day of hard work and took pride in their community but they once WERE those cities and a wonder to behold. 
Don’t forget what they were and know that they can rise again if we fight to retake our culture and make our cities great again.