Amish Market

On a recent family vacation we were delighted to discover by accident (God’s plan I’m sure of it!) an Amish market! 
The Amish are a near perfect example of what makes Western nations the best on earth. German, God fearing, humble, hard working, family focused, with HUGE families and strictly Biblical gender roles, the Amish have seen a population explosion that has them birthing and retaining their children at tremendous rates. The Amish population has gone from 200,000 about ten years ago, to around 300,000 today! 

My youngest daughter had never seen so much cheese in one place! I had never been anywhere that had cranberry horseradish sauce as a sandwich topping option! We were both in heaven! 

5 Comments on “Amish Market

  1. Nice photos Ayla. Looks just the Amish markets here, especially the Kutztown soda (an Ohio Amish country perennial). Apple Creek actually is a small town in the Northern part of Amish country here.
    As a sidenote, a while ago I was looking up how many Ohio banks have a five-star rating on I noticed that one of the very few is the small community bank in Apple Creek, Ohio. I mentioned this to a friend the next time that I was up in that area and was told that the reason is likely that nearly all of the banks’ clientele is Amish. Apparently with their lifestyle and values, they are considered the safest banking clients around.


  2. It’s great you can get good Amish food near you. I’m lucky to live very close to Amish, Mennonite, and Pennsylvania German peoples. Kutztown, Pa. is about 20 minutes from my house. I buy bulk raw milk and raw butter from a dairy farmer for my family each week. Give scrapple a try if you can get it. Fry it up really crisp. It’s quite good.


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