Planning Your Best Summer

I cannot wait for summer! I noticed a few years ago though that if I didn’t plan out my summer that I wasted my free time getting distracted by side projects- cleaning closests and the like, and allowing the children to veg out in front of Netflix because it keeps them quiet. 

Life use to be easier, you didn’t have to plan a simple life, but these days modernity is so pressing that too many distractions grip us when we don’t intentionally plan to avoid them. So here are some of the things that help make our summer magical.

1. Limited TV
We don’t have cable but we do have Netflix and the children can pester me so much about watching a show that sometimes I give in just to get a bit of quiet. Having a list of shows pre prepped and posted by the computer makes sure they don’t end up binging on Sponge Bob Square Pants when I’m not paying close attention. Older TV shows don’t over stimulate their brain and often provide a lot of inspiration for activities like fishing, baseball, tea parties, soap box derbies, hop scotch, tree climbing, and other wholesome activities. My personal favorites are…

-Twighlight Zone

-Daniel Boone 

-The Lone Ranger 

-Leave It to Beaver

-Dennis the Menace 

-Donna Reed

-My Three Sons

-The Andy Griffith Show

-I Love Lucy 


-Car 54 Where Are You? 

2. Lemonade Stands


I’m fortunate enough to live where the police do not tend to bother children’s lemonade stands and so my older children will host lemonade stands and all the profits go to paying for their karate lessons during the year, of course they don’t typically raise enough for the whole her but they do feel good when they raise enou to pay for a month or two all by themselves.
3. Prairie Bonnets and Cowboy Hats 

There is nothing which makes summer Time sweeter than little girls in prairie bonnets and little boys in cowboy hats. It helps them keep from getting sun burned as well.
4. Parades 

If your American town doesn’t host an Independance Day parade I suggest you move right away. I can’t imagine missing a 4th of July Parade, it just wouldn’t feel like summer without it. 

5. Drive Ins

Contrary to popular belief there are still many drive in movie theaters still open around America. Check this list to find out if there is one near you. 

6. A Swimming Hole

Most towns have a local swimming hole of some sort and I try to make a visit to ours once a week.

7. Public Pool 


If you’re lucky enough to have a public pool be sure to make a trip. Lifeguards, snack shacks and juice boxes by the pool should be part of every childhood.

8. Picnics 

From about mid March until mid September we have nearly every lunch picnic style in our back yard. 
9. Baseball Games 

These are such summer icons that they just speak for themselves. Summer isn’t complete without them. Don’t forget the cracker jacks!

10. BBQ

You can pick a small charcoal grill for around $20 bucks, you don’t need a fancy set up. There is nothing like fresh grilled meat and veggies on your platter! 

11. Sitting Out On Your Front Porch 


Before Facebook and Twitter people use to sit out on front porches to socialize. It may seem strange to us today but give it a try! I promise, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 
12. Gathering Fire Wood


Preparing for winter is a very traditional summer time activity. In the cool hours of the morning and evening gather, chop and stack fire wood for the coming cold nights.
13. Knitting Winter Clothes 


In the same way as collecting firewood, knitting winter goodies over the summer is a great way to spend your summer relaxation time. 

Are you ready for the best summer of your life? I hope so!