Month: February 2016

Dressing for the Weekend, a Traditionalist Approach 

The weekend has arrived but don’t let yourself go. Modern culture too often mistakes sloppy dress for comfort. Whether you’re spending your weekend at the movies, out with friends, eating out, or just hanging around the house catching up on tasks, it helps our mood and form to be aware of our personal dress.
How we look affects how we feel. Dress in PJs all day and don’t expect to get much more done than lounging around, watching too much television and eating too many snack foods. 

Put on a smart, yet comfortable outfit and suddenly your weekend turns into a lightly paced journey of mental, physical and spiritual improvement! 

First, put on a skirt. Wait, I know what you’re thinking but skirts can be comfortable too! 

Skirts aren’t just for church! Instead of reaching for those faded, ripped jeans, try a simple yet sweetly feminine skirt instead….

Pairing a flowing skirt with a t-shirt though? No, no, no. A nice blouse can be just as comfy as any old T-shirt!

So while you’re learning to cross stitch, getting your errands run, or enjoying a relaxing cup of tea- don’t forget your own beautiful and unique style! Happy weekend!

Shrove Tuesday! 

Shrove Tuesday or Shrovetide is one of my favorite times of the year! I’m Mormon but I choose to observe both Advent and Lent as my personal commitment to live every year as a constant walk with Christ. 

Shrove Tuesday is celebrated the Tuesday before Ash Wendesday, the beginning of Lent. Shrove is a time of confession as we prepare for Lent but it was also traditionally a time to gorge ourselves on those fun, fattening foods we may be giving up for Lent. Butter and eggs were a common item to give up hence the mass pancake binge on Shrove to use up your butter and eggs in one last endulgenace. 


The celebration of Madi Gras (Fat Tuesday) and Carnival are the French and Southern European versions of this pre Lent festival. 

In our family for about 10 years now we have hosted a pancake potluck with our friends to share the tradition of Shrove. I make the pancakes, provide the butter and basic syrup and ask our friends to bring a topping to share such as strawberries, whipped cream, applesauce, jam, etc. whatever their favorite pancake topping is. 

Pancakes are incredibly inexpensive, really yummy and help you bring together your friends and family for a traditional European holiday and great conversations on Christ’s sacrifice and looking forward to celebrating his resurrection on Easter. 

Give those pancakes a flip! 

And enjoy them with your folk!