Month: February 2016

Dressing for the Weekend, a Traditionalist Approach 

      The weekend has arrived but don’t let yourself go. Modern culture too often mistakes sloppy dress for comfort. Whether you’re spending your weekend at the movies, out with friends, eating out, or just hanging around the house catching up on tasks, it…

Germany, Listen to the Wisdom of Your Elders

A 75 year old woman gives an interview on the streets of Germany about her horrid experiences with refugees including theft and sexual harassment. She cannot even explain her experience to the TV interviewer without being harassed by Muslim teen boys passing by on…

Shrove Tuesday! 

   Shrove Tuesday or Shrovetide is one of my favorite times of the year! I’m Mormon but I choose to observe both Advent and Lent as my personal commitment to live every year as a constant walk with Christ.     Shrove Tuesday is celebrated…

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