Elementary School Bans Valentine’s Day Because It’s Offensive to Muslims! 

Using the term “Valentines Day” can be a little misleading because we forget the word “Saint” which should go before the name “Valentine.” Even though a popular secular practice, Saint Valentine’s Day is very much a part of Christian culture. 
Saint Valentine was an early church Saint who lost his life after ministering illegally to Christians in Rome, as well as, perhaps performing outlawed Christian marriage ceremonies. It is rumored that he befriended, perhaps romantically, a young woman and gave her a letter prior to his death signed “your Valentine.”

In 18th century England during a period when romance and courtship were especially popular, young couples began expressing love for one another through handwritten notes, called valentines, and by the giving of roses and other treats. By the 19th century commercial valentines cards became available and the western tradition of Valentine’s Day was firmly established. 

Now, for some young children, they have been forbidden from celebrating this traditional holiday at their school so as not to “offend Muslims” and other cultures. Muslims ban Valentine’s Day in areas of the world where they are in control. Who now controls our schools? Why must our culture, our heritage and our Christian traditions be pushed aside in our own countries so as not to “offend” someone with something as benign as a Valentine’s Day card?
Here’s a better idea… If you are offended by SAINT Valentine’s Day, get the heck out of my country. You don’t belong here. 
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