The Feast of St. Lydia the First European Christian 

January 27th is the liturgical feast day of St. Lydia. Lydia is the precious woman who was the first European to accept Christ and bring His blessing and knowledge upon our people.

“Lydia of Thyatira is a woman mentioned in the New Testament who is regarded as the first documented convert to Christianity in Europe. Several Christian denominations have designated her a saint…
All Christian denominations recognized Lydia of Thyatira as a saint, though her feast day varies greatly. In the Catholic Church, her feast day is August 3rd.[10][11] The Episcopal Church honors St. Lydia along with Sts. Dorcas and Phoebe with a feast day in its liturgical calendar on January 27, the day after the remembrance of the early male missionaries Timothy, Titus and Silas, and two days after the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul.[12] Therefore, she is on that date.

Eastern Orthodox Churches remember Lydia on various days, with some jurisdictions remembering her twice during a liturgical year. Many Eastern Orthodox churches, including the Self-Ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America, remember St. Lydia on May 20. However, some divisions of the Russian Orthodox Church (other than the Orthodox Church in America) observe both June 25 and March 27 as her feast days.In other Eastern Orthodox Churches.

The Lutheran community is also divided. The ELCA commemorates Sts. Lydia, Dorcas and Phoebe on January 27,while the LCMS celebrates the three women on October 25.”

-Source: Wikipedia 

Take a moment of prayer or of family conversation to talk about Lydia, her brave choice to follow Christ and its impact on the salvation of our people.