2 thoughts on “My Interview on Folkways Discussing the Importance of Fairy Tales ”

  1. Men can close the door and women can’t—men are the protectors and providers—women are creators of safe spaces (universities today) who only welcome the above kind of male. I agree. I am never so welcome in a home as when I am seen to provide masculine the above proclivities.

    I may not agree with it but that is how it is? Feminism has gone far in trampling over our very human nature? I must say that Nietzsche thought that human nature was still yet to be determined. The future to him has infinite possibilities!

    Great show bye the way—Keep it up will you!


    1. Love Nietzsche, but have to disagree on that one. There is a great deal of plasticity, but it is not infinite. At least not in our current embodiment.
      Glad you enjoyed it. Ayla is great.


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