TV Host Wearing  A Skirt So Short A Gynecologist Could Give Her an Exam, Rails Against Breastfeeding In Public

I know Alyssa Milano is no advocate of traditional family values but like most liberal women her demeanor and passions have become more traditional as she has recently embarked on her best role yet, that of motherhood. Alyssa has become a very outspoken advocate of breastfeeding for which, despite her Charmed performances, has won her my heart. Here Alyssa debates breastfeeding in public with a black TV host who is advocating feeding one’s baby in the car while at the same time wearing a skirt so short she could have an on air pap smear.

3 Comments on “TV Host Wearing  A Skirt So Short A Gynecologist Could Give Her an Exam, Rails Against Breastfeeding In Public

  1. First of all Wendy williams dos not speak for The Good Folk, second, the Capatains of Industry hate Natural Breastfeeding as it destroys profits and promotes Healthy Children, so they will shut it down anyway they can….Isnt Wendy a Tranny anyways?

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  2. Wow. I can’t imagine a world in which my wife referred to her own breasts as “fun bags”. I agree with the actress – we’ve overly sexualized everything (not just breasts) and forgotten what it is all about.

    From a man’s perspective I can tell you that the shape of a woman’s body is all about attraction…and that attraction is ALL about fertility. Its about health, genetic viability, hygiene and self-care. Will she pass on good DNA? (face, symmetry, health) Will she be able to carry and birth my baby? (hips) Will she be able to nurse my baby enough to keep my baby healthy and strong? (Breasts) All of this is subconscious wrapped up in the feeling of attractiveness. Part of this is even on a companionship level. A sickly or very overweight woman won’t be able to be an active, hard working companion for very long…especially if her body is making babies.

    Dating is just the next step. She looks attractive, so how about her mind? Will she remain loyal? (fidelity – genetic purity of offspring) Will she do the hard work required – mental endurance? (midnight feedings, sick babies, cleaning, cooking, clothing, mending, etc) Will my baby be smart? (intelligent mom = intelligent babies).

    From here, if we begin to look at God’s laws, they begin to make a lot of sense. Yes, we CAN behave like animals and give into every hormonal urge. Or we can be the intelligent beings we are and quantify them. Contain them. Direct them toward creating a better future.

    IF we’ve said, as a society, that none of this fertility matters – then we’re worshipping the form and disparage the function. But this IS where we are at as a society. Sex is cheap and abortion fixes it if you accidentally use the function while worshipping the form.


  3. its a mad world , the female body and particularly ‘breasts’ are used to sell every product under the sun so quite why anyone would object to breast feeding in public is beyond me .

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