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Your daily motivation to create something wonderful – a baby! 

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  1. Yes, thank you. I had a hard time conceptualizing being a parent until more recently. I now see that was because of context…the context of living under the current cultural assumptions and attitudes, the type of world this is. Not that I bought into it, but I didn’t see other alternatives.

    It was also because my sense of the spiritual/physical relationship was not as developed.

    I’m a creative type, sensitive to metaphysics…but in the past, that personal tendency skewed me at times almost towards a kind of gnosticism. I read a comment elsewhere by a New Age-type who wrote that nothing about her physical form really matters because she is a soul who has inhabited many bodies in many life times. While a full analyses of that concept is beyond the scope of this comment, let me just say that I see the slippery slope such thinking puts one on.

    The heart of any traditional metaphysics/religion demonstrates that God is both transcendent and immanent. Leaning towards one or the other produces imbalance and has ramifications. As an example: Love is a reality greater than any one example can contain…and yet, we must love and know other specific people, human to human, in order to know Love…we cannot just approach it as an abstract concept. You get glimpses of and experience universal Love by the everyday loving of your family, friends, etc.

    I am glad to have found this blog and hope to learn more about traditional living, as I would wish to raise children “off the grid.” My personal questions now are what that would look like exactly, and where I would want to do that.


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