Italian Principal Steps Down After Attempting to Remove Christmas Carols from School Concert 


A primary school principal at Garofani Comprehensive School has resigned following outrage when he banned Christmas carols at a school concert in order to not offend non-Christian students. 

Marco Parma, aged 63, was publicly criticized by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi for the ban. Originally titled the Garofani Comprehensive School’s Christmas concert, Parma attempted to strip any religious music or references from the concert and retitled it a “Winter Concert.” In a statement that is completely baffling Parma cited the recent attack in Paris by radical Muslims which claimed 130 lives for his decision.

It’s not surprising that Parma met with such fierce resistance, Italy after all, has a high Catholic population and has seen a rise in other Christian demonizations, namely the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which is currently building a much anticipated Temple in Rome. 

This story is like a soothing balm to the souls of Americans who routinely experience the reverse situation in our school system where no mention of religion can ever be made and a school principal would have to resign if he *tried* to put Christmas carols in a Winter Pagent. 

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