Latest Video- Feminism and the Ordain Women Movement

One Comment on “Latest Video- Feminism and the Ordain Women Movement

  1. Difficult to follow, but I like and support your views, and I certainly admire your courage to deal with such a complex issue. — I was raised as a Catholic so the Idea of women priest is yucky and foreign, but now I’m a born-again Christian (AOG), yes, in our church women are women and very feminine, BUT women can hold positions of power and authority within the church. I’ve seen it work, and it does seem to work. — Biblically they point to passages in ACT, ROMANS and others, but seems to gloss over TIM 2:12. — I ‘d love to hear more from you on this subject from the point of view the bible and book of mormon within the LDS church. Thanks for a super informative and personal video.


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