Paris Will Rise…


I’m loud on Twitter but I’m quiet on Facebook. On Facebook I talk about pleasant things. I post pictures of my children and share cute memes but I don’t want my friends to think I’m racist so I don’t talk about Nationalism, immigration or the refugee crisis. Until yesterday.
I woke up yesterday and felt a change, I felt different, I felt a very distinct prompting to share the YouTube video that had recently been taken down after a half million views which showed the horrors of the invasion happening in Europe. It’s hard to watch, seeing footage of white women and children being beaten, but I felt like my friends and family deserved to know the truth.
Mere hours after sharing that video it happened. The bombs started going off in Paris and 130 people died in the worst attack on Paris since World War II. I sat stunned on my couch. I cried and clutched my photo album which contained the pictures of my time spent in France, mostly Paris, as a teen girl. That beloved city was burning.

I have family in Paris. I grew up with them visiting us and us visiting them. My grandmothers best friend, whom I grew up calling Aunt Ruthie, who I thought until I was an adult was actually my grandmother’s biological sister, her daughter had moved to France and married a Frenchman, become a French citizen (took her 20 years, she’s not Muslim after all). She was like a cousin to me, 20 years older than I, she was so cool, she heavily influenced my life and who I grew up to be. 

I texted her her right away and waited. I felt stunned. Her husband is a performer, a concert hall had been attacked….was it possible…..? An hour later I heard back, they were OK and for me the worst of it had passed but still the tears came. I wept and wept and wept. Would my daughters ever walk the Paris streets as I had as a young girl? Would Europe be left at all in 15 years when they were old enough to go as I had? I continued to weep.
I watched in amazement as people who were on the fence or people uncomfortable with the idea of white genocide started to rise up on Twitter, fences were abandoned and rapidly nationalists gained allies, Trump rose further in the poles. This is the issue of our times. We will not be gunned down, we will not be bombed, we will not be displaced. 

We are strong, we are white, we are proud and we will rise again.