The Viking Age

Found in Viking Age Dublin, these are some of the everyday items our Viking ancestors used. I have a few hand carved wooden spoons amoung my kitchen tools and I highly recommend them, they really come in handy around the kitchen when making things like homemade sourdough bread and sauerkraut. 

The needles make me think about how much time I devote to sewing and knitting and I come away thinking -not nearly enough. They certainly aren’t part of my everyday items but they really should be. I should be spending a little time each day in the domestic arts; sewing, knitting, crochet, needle point, felting, embroidery, or weaving. 

It looks to me like a few of those needles may very well be hair pins, what do you think? I know keeping my hair back off my face when cooking and cleaning is a must for me and I can imagine it was also that way with our foremothers. 

This small collection is a reminder of how simple a life they lived, how few possessions even the most wealthy of their tribe would have possessed in comparison to our day. It makes me feel both grateful for what I have and sad for what I also lose in the having of it.