Encouraging Siblings to be Best Friends

How often have you heard that siblings just fight, that’s why they do and parents just need to play referee until the kids are old enough to leave home? Why do we live in a society where every Cartoon Network Show, every Disney Channel program and every movie that portrays siblings has decided it is the unarguable norm that siblings will be enemies?

As parents we have a huge influence on how our children treat one another. If we labor under an assumption that all children will inevitably fight then we do our families a great diservice. Our homes aren’t living up to their full potential, a potential that can be realized simply by changing our expectations.

Can parents stop every sibling fight? Of course not, but when we don’t simply except sibling rivary as normal we create a family culture where every fight may not be avoided but every fight is being worked on.

At the end of the day our family motto must be “sibling are bet friends for life” because when we parents pass away our children, as siblings, will be they only living members of our nuclear family. How we they get along then? Will they avoid each other or will they still be striving toward the cultural ideal of being best friends with their siblings because nothing less was modeled for them when they were children?

How will such an attitude of family togetherness influence your posterity?