Month: November 2015

The Egyptian Controversy

There is a big bruh ha ha this week over the new Ridley Scott film being “racist” for casting white actors to play Egyptian people. The controversy over Egyptians has been raging since ancient Egyptologist first stumbled upon the once great, desert dynasty.

Many whites claimed the Egyptians must surely have been white because their civilization is so advanced, not something we see in sub Saharan African populations. Modern day black people are anxious to claim Egypt as theirs in order to list one great historical civilization in which they were at the helm.

For decades all we had to go on was the diary and journal entries entires of travelers to Egypt whose descriptions seemed to place the Egyptians as darker than Greeks but not strictly black either. However recently we have science to shed new light on the issue.

Due to scientific discovery we know for example that the great Ramesse II  had red hair. Scholars have attempted to get DNA testing done on King Tut’s mummy but because it was poised to shed light on the truth of The Book of Mormon and the white/Caucasian or maybe even Jewish roots of the Pharos, modern Egyptians shut the whole thing down claiming they were afraid the lead researcher, a Mormon, would “baptize” the mummy’s body even though Mormons baptize people who have passed away by proxy and don’t actually baptize dead bodies. 

The true DNA of King Tut remains closely guarded, yet according to this article, 70% of modern British men are related to the young King as well are over 50% of European men in general.

Those claiming that Eygyptians were sub Saharan black can easily be dismissed. Perhaps some were as dark as Arabs but the Pharos and rulers were, as Ramesse’s II hair and King Tut’s DNA show, most likely fair skinned and fair haired, Caucasians.

Overall there is no doubt that the Egyptian peoples, in general, were mixed in skin color from darkish to white due to their geographical location between Southern Europe, Arabia and Africa however to overwhelming evidence shows that the Pharos were fair skinned. In short, Ridley Scott has nothing to apologize for.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is based on European harvest festivals which were first celebrated by pagans and were later Christianized. The pilgrims brought this concept of an autumn thankfulness feast to the New World and there was no more appropriate time, perhaps in all of human history, to give thanks than that first American thanksgiving after the settler’s monumental victory against the harshest of conditions. 
Enjoy your favorite traditional European and American foods, give thanks for your family, and have an amazing holiday! 

Norway Tightens Asylum Laws 


Norway has recently tightened its asylum seeking and immigration regulations to protect its people and culture. In a statement that opens with a line that could have come from the Donald Trump play book, the government of Norway has stated (regarding those who seek to break their laws), “If you do not leave voluntarily, you will be returned by force.”
The statement goes on to say that Norway is reducing benefits by 10-20% and they are increasing the number of years you must live in Norway before being eligible for permanent residence. In a move that even a bleeding heart liberal could understand they are issuing only temporary residence status to some and are facilitating the foreigner’s return to their home country once the situation there improves.

They will be limiting family reunification so that every Tom, Dick and Harry cannot bring over 30 cousins. In an other unique move they are working with the Iraq government in order to return Iraq citizens back to Iraq! They mean business, people who cross into Norway without a visa wil be immediately deported. Those who have been granted asylum in a other country but still attempt too come to Norway will also be promptly deported. 

Norway has seized my heart! In this time when so many European nations have lost their minds regarding  refugees, immigration and the take over of their native cultures, it is very encouraging to me to see Norway stand out as such a role model to other white countries. 

You can visit their website here 

Marilena, Traditional German Folk Singer 

Here I am, I have a Bachelor’s degree in German and I had no idea that any modern people still sung traditional German folk music. Today I was reading over on Derek Wolf’s blog and he featured an amazing post about how nationalism and traditionalism make for happier women and he turned me on to this adorable little gal named Marilena. What an amazing role model! I’ve become and instant fan, my little girls will be enjoying these videos often in our home!