Traditional European Foods


I live in America and it’s hard to focus on European cooking. I am in the Southwest so it’s even more difficult with a high immigrant population. Every street is lined with Mexican food restaurants and the grocery stores are packed with avocados, tortillas, salsa, and chili peppers. Finding the hidden flavors of Europe (and early America!) and adding them to your families pallet is a way to bring heritage to the dinner table every night. When I first started cooking real European food I thought it would be boring an flavorless, because that’s the propaganda we are sold on – but it’s quite the opposite! It’s simply bursting with flavor and charm. After many trials and errors, here are some of our families favorites…

Yorkshire pudding – a light fluffy pastry that’s is painfully easy to make (honestly, a 5 year old could do it) super cheap too when your low on funds and so tastey you will have wished you made dozens!

Zweibelkuchen – this is a lot like a quiche with a good amount of onion and it is mouth watering! Pro tip, use some goggles while chopping up all those onions and when you’re in a hurry use a pre-made pie crust or dough, or make some ahead of time to freeze.

Creamed carrots – they sound soooooo boring. I thought these would never go over well with my picky eaters, I couldn’t have been further from the truth! The recipe is so simple you’ll marvel at how yummy this dish is – quick and easy on the pocket book, you can’t beat that!

Schnitzel – basically this is friend chicken but it’s been pounded flat first. All of my kiddos BEG me for this and it’s a great one to use when chicken goes on sale and I can stock up. My tip, instead of bread crumbs use crushed corn flakes for an even crispier crunch!