Growing Up With Wilderness #WildernessRevival

By @ATraditionalGuy on Twitter and Gab

It is accurate to say that the world children are growing up in today is vastly different to the one I grew up in 30 years ago. The kids of today have the internet, tv streaming services, online gaming and plenty of other things which keeps them inside for hours and while there is nothing wrong with these advances in moderation when I was young we had none of them and I had a very different experience growing up.

When I was young my family would often go camping and go out bush walking, these experiences were very precious to me growing up. Not only was the time spent with my family very special but being in and around the nature and the wilderness gave me a great appreciation for it. It gave me a great and deep respect for animals and sparked my love of gardening I have developed over time.

Spending time in the wilderness is important no matter what age we are because it connects us with the world around us and allows us those special moments of peace and rest from the daily grind of life. It also gives us a feeling of connection with our ancestors as we learn to appreciate nature the way they used to and enjoy the Wilderness Revival.

White South Africans Are Depending On Us

By @ATraditionalGuy on Twitter

Many of us are aware of the plight and desperate situation facing the white South African farmers. This has been a worsening for some time now for those who may not be fully aware of what has been going on you can see Ayla’s interview here.

Alternative media sources have been covering the situation however despite the ongoing and worsening crisis in South Africa there has been very little global mainstream media coverage of this story.

However despite the lack of mainstream media coverage this story has come to attention of government officials who are now looking at ways to help the white South African farmers

On Wednesday evening while catching up with some news online I saw an article which filled my heart with hope for the white South African farmers. The Australian immigration and Home Affairs minister The Honourable Peter Dutton MP had come out and said that his department were looking at ways to help the white South African Farmers with the possibility of fast tracking visas for them to become refugees in Australia.

Mr Dutton said “White farmers facing violence in South Africa deserve special attention from Australia”

Mr Dutton’s remarks sparked a response from the South African government as they demanded he retracted his statement and apologise saying that “it’s citizens are in no danger” however I will let you make up your own mind if these white farmers are in “no danger” as their government suggests as I present the following evidence to you.

There are almost constant reports of violence and killings against white farmers. With violence against these people on the rise all the time.

A record 400 farmers were attacked in 2017, with between 1 & 2 murdered every week. Is there still no danger?

One story I heard about involved a white family who were attacked and robbed. The husband was shot and killed right in front of his family including his 3 children. Five days after his funeral his new son was born. His boy will grow up not knowing his dad, facing an uncertain future and his family having been shattered forever. However the South African government says there is “no danger”

Even the South African government themselves are fuelling and making the situation worse. Earlier this month the South African government themselves passed by overwhelming majority (241 votes for and 83 votes against) an amendment to section 25 of the constitution which allows expropriation of the land of white farmers with any form of compensation given to them.

So by their own actions the South African government have putting these white farmers into poverty, destitution and a greater level of danger than they have ever faced before.

However there is hope. After making a post on the social media network Gab calling for my fellow Australians to write to Mr Dutton showing our support for his stance on this issue I was contacted by someone from New Zealand who gave me some information.

They informed me that the New Zealand government are also looking at ways to assist, grant refugee status and help resettle the white South African farmers. This news filled my heart with hope that we are actually making some real progress to helping the farmers.

It is my hope that this is only the start and that other countries will join in and look at ways we can help these people who’s lives are being torn apart and they are in constant danger.

We can make a difference and help these people if we all continue to band together and do everything within our power to assist them. Please continue to talk about this issue on your social media platforms and share articles about the violence and persecutions the white farmers in South Africa face.

The Bible says in Proverbs 3:27-28

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them.

If you can help your neighbor now, don’t say, “Come back tomorrow, and then I’ll help you.”

These people are literally depending on us for their very survival.

#WildernessRevival, Inspiration

#WildernessRevival I love to paint from real life when I can, like my idol Beatrix Potter, but when I need a good pic I’ve found great inspiration from places like Pinterest and Pixabay. Thank you so much to all of you who have like my paintings enough to buy them. Your support means the world to me especially in these times of darkneas and evil. God bless you, truly!

Ex 35:35 Both of them hath he instructed with wisdom, to do carpenters’ work, and tapestry, and embroidery in blue and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine linen, and to weave all things, and to invent all new things.

#TradLife #TradArt #MoreComing #LoveYourFolk

My Father’s England

By @ATraditionalGuy on Twitter

It is very interesting how when a situation or circumstance occurs to a race of people or a country an external perspective can often lead us to see things much earlier than those who are living directly with what is going on around them.
The recent barring of Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner and Lauren Southern from the UK caused me to reflect greatly on the situation the UK now finds itself in. While giving this thought I remembered some words my dad said to me many years ago.
My dad was born in the UK and immigrated to Australia in 1964, he had made several trips back to the UK throughout the years. Two of these trips I wish to highlight for the purpose of this blog.
He returned to the UK in 1978 when his grandmother passed away, his next trip was not until 1992 to take care of things after his mother died. The time between these two trips was thirteen and a half years during these years that he was away from the UK clearly things were changing.
When dad returned home from his trip in 1992 he made a comment to my mother and I which I recalled when contemplating the situation in the UK this week.
He said to us “ I didn’t recognize the place, it has changed so much. It has been overrun by immigrants.”
Now this observation was made in 1992 which is now 26 years ago now. I wonder what he would think of the place today if he went back.
Dad’s comment highlights what we have been saying for ages now, that white countries are loosing their identity and culture.
We have to continue to strive and fight for what is ours before we lose everything we hold dear and lose our identity and culture forever.

Utah Abortionist Goes Full Demon on Social Media

A week ago I never would have thought Britian had fallen so far into Muslim control as to not allow someone like Brittany Pettibone within it’s borders. Also just a week ago I would have told you that Utah was slipping fast (hence the reason I got my family the heck out of there last year) but that it wasn’t yet THAT bad.

Oh, the things we learn in one short week!

So now I know that Britian is essentially totally under the control of the radical Left, and by extension, Islam, and I also now know that Utah isn’t falling, it has already fallen. The days of Utah being the last place in the Western World where you could see kids waiting to date until the were 16, couples waiting to have sex until marriage, big healthy families with stay at home moms and hard working dads has rapidly given way to Utah being the place where abortion doctors proudly brag about slitting open the throats of the babies they kill.

I wish I was being hyperbolic.

The Daily Wire reports…


. Leah Torres is a famous enough abortionist that she’s earned a “Verified” blue check mark on Twitter, and Monday night, after a confrontation with pro-lifers on the social media platform, she got very real about how sick and twisted she really is, trying to defend her job of ending the lives of children in the womb.

It started out with Dr. Torres attempting to explain that she performs abortions for the love of murdering pre-term children, rather than for the money. After all, she says, she could earn much more delivering live babies than delivering dead ones. And as for that Hippocratic Oath she took, well, that’s an ancient Greek tradition, and she believes she “does no harm” as required by the promise all doctors take upon earning their degree, by ending pre-born lives rather than allowing women to carry an “unwanted” pregnancy to term.

But, finally backed into a corner, Dr. Torres got very depraved.

Confronted with the idea that children subjected to partial-birth abortion — a procedure that allows doctors to kill a baby mere moments before birth — feel pain, and even cry during the process, Dr. Torres shared her secret for scream-free murders: you cut the child’s vocal cords before you complete the rest of the “procedure.”

For the first time in a long time, Twitter was shocked — at least momentarily — into silence.

Of course, that didn’t last for long. National Review’s Charles Cooke chimed in with some advice for Dr. Torres for the next time she giddily admits to mutilating children as she pulls them screaming (or in parts) from their mothers wombs: maybe don’t let everyone know exactly how you avoid being haunted by the deaths of so many babies.”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the good doctor went on the explain to her Utah patients, as well as the world, that Jesus approved of her work…

Now I’m old enough to remember when I wrote on this very blog, this time last year, that rap music was a bad influence and that Utah Mormon families needed to think twice before endorsing a rapper known as James the Mormon (who has since dropped “the Mormon” part, hey, I guess we both have that in common!), and I was ridiculed as a Nazi in the international press and targeted for nothing short of what could be called terrorism coming from the local Utah press as well as many Utah residents who stalked my children, my husband and I, sending us death threats which included details of how they were going to bash my children’s skulls in as they slept.

So… pop quiz! Do the good, wholesome, Mormons of Utah care more about a mom who thinks rap music is a bad influence or a doctor who admits, gleefully, on social media that she slits the throats of babies and that Jesus approves?

Well, judging by the deafening sound of crickets coming from not only the leftist media but also the local Utah population on the good doctor’s tweet, if you said the mom who hates rap, you win!!

Oh wait, did I say crickets? Well, maybe there was a comment or two from local Utah moms. Are you ready for this?

Ah yes! It’s approval! And really why not? Because if there’s one thing sweet, innocent, fresh faced, Utah moms are known for, it’s loving the idea of baby throat slitting!

This is why, in all seriousness, dear reader, we are living in a world possessed with demons. There is no other way to describe the shear terror of this course of events.

Say your prayers everyday, dear reader, every single day.

Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell and lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of thy mercy. Amen.

Gardening: Creating our own paradise. #WildernessRevival

Gardening: Creating our own paradise.

By @ATraditionalGuy on Twitter

Gardening is one of the most enjoyable and wholesome activities that you and your family can do. It does not matter if you live on a large property or a smaller suburban block creating your own piece of paradise. From sitting down and planning your garden to your children helping to put the plants in every step of the process is very rewarding.

Watching the plants grow you plant over time is very satisfying and fulfilling, the plant I have featured in these photos with this post is called a fragipani. When I planted it in my front yard a few years back it was a small stick in the ground. The reason I call it a stick is the frangipani is best planted in the colder months of the year when the plant is dormant, however when the warmer weather kicks in so does the plant. It blooms with lots of lush green foliage and beautiful flowers.

Over the years I have had this plant in my yard I have watched it blossom and grow and I feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction that I have care for and nurtured it.
I would invite you all as you spend time in your gardens in the month of March please share your experiences and photos on social media with the Hashtag #WildernessRevival. Appreciate nature the way your ancestors used to.

I would invite you all as you spend time in your gardens in the month of March please share your experiences and photos on social media with the Hashtag #WildernessRevival. Appreciate nature the way your ancestors used to.

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