BREAKING! Twitter Locks LifeSite News for Reporting on Rising STDs Among Homosexuals

“First they came for The Daily Stormer, and I did nothing…” may very well be written in our future history books – if Western civilization still studies history, that is.

Just three hours ago LifeSite News, a wildly popular, Catholic, pro-life, news organization was locked out of its Twitter account for reporting on the STD rise among gay men back in 2014.

Read my full report at this link…

Vote for Faith Goldy!

Toronto has the most amazing, dedicated, talented and SMART mayoral candidate running right now. She is a dear friend of mine, Faith Goldy.

Mr. Steve “You can’t restore your civilization with someone else’s babies, white baby challenge” King himself has endorsed her! Amazing!

Here is my favorite video of Faith and I together. Enjoy, and vote for Faith!

New Art Up! American Patriarchy. Heck ya!

New art up in my Etsy store. I love this one so much, I almost kept it for myself. American patriarchy. Heck ya!

New Art! Raindrops…

It’s finally cooling off and starting to rain after a long, hot, summer! Invite this cooling painting with its childlike charm, into your home today!

New Art Up!

Whimsical illustrated print of a trad woman’s kitchen shelf. Hand-dipped candles, clay pots and, of course, stacks of quilting squares!

Maybe your shelf looks like this already or maybe this print, framed and hung in your kitchen, would be just the item to bring an extra trad touch to your space! Either way, it’s a steal at only 99 cents! Or you can also buy the original, hand-drawn, art piece for just $10.99!

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(New Vid!) Is the Uncuckable Tuck Down With Wife With A Purpose?

Tucker Carlson references Mormon Grandmothers when referring to people being lied about, defamed and blamed for things they aren’t doing by the New York Times. Along with other references to White Culture and, let’s not forget, his link to Red Ice TV as a source once on his Twitter account….makes you wonder….is Tuck digging the TradLife vibe?

Bitchute link –>

Real. Video link —>

New York Times, I Don’t Think You’re Good at Your Job 😂

Earlier this year CNN reported a fake story, I called them out on it and CNN reporters personally phoned Youtube and had my ad revenue removed from my channel by falsely claiming I was a white supremacist.

Next up, the New York Times falsely accuses me of being a “White supremacist housewife” and yet, still steals the stories I write for New Media Central and pedals them as their own. This has never been about me actually being a “racist, bigot, sexist….blah blah blah.” It’s about eliminating their competition by attempting to ruin people’s lives and reputations.

Hey, big media, maybe if your competition is a stay-at-home-mom of six kids, with bad grammar, who writes a few articles or films a few vlogs with the extremely limited free time I have – maybe you really suck at your job. 😂

New Learning Packet! An Autumn Advent!

Oh my goodness! I am so excited to be able to present to you my latest learning packet! An autumn advent with classic poetry, scripture verses, beautiful art, activities and and more! Nearly 50 pages! Want to start family traditions and create memories? Looking forward toward your future family? Grab this today and you are on your way! God bless!

New Video! Large Family Logistics Are Currently Abnormal

My musings on how confusing my large family life seems to other people.

From Housewives to Justices – Who’s Next?

This is the account I had with 35k+ subscribers that Twitter deleted, without explanation, last year. This is the “racism” they accuse me of. If they think this is hate, what’s next? Oh, that’s right, we found out what was next. A few beers on the weekend in 1982 suddenly makes you a serial, gang rapist. From housewives to justices – no one is safe from their lunacy. What’s the next level liberals? How far can the lies go?

New Video!! What We Have Lost: Public Pools

Have you ever thought about some of the simple things we have lost as even activities like the public pool get “bigger and better?” Some of my thoughts….

“Now I am a mother of five…” Supporter Shares Her Journey to a Large Family and a Sweet Thank You

I received this message on my Instagram today. I am always so pleased to get notes like this! I shared it with my whole family to let them know why we take the risks we do and why we work as hard as we do to spread the tradlife message!

We, my family and you -my supporters- are working together, every day to change the world and we ARE changing it for the better all by the grace of God!

All glory to God!!

Ayla, is a stay-at-home, homeschooling, home birthing, mother of six children. She holds a Master’s degree and is a former college liberal whose pro life and pro family values, along with the grace of God, led her to TradLife over a decade ago.
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