The Romanov Diaries (Letters): Tsaritsa Alexandra

As we know the bond between Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra was extremely strong. However with the outbreak of World War I they were separated for extended periods. Here we have some correspondence from The Tsaritsa to The Tsar.


Livadia, April 27-th, 1914

My sweetest treasure, my very Own one,

you will read these lines when you get into your bed in a strange place & unknown house. God grant that the journey may be a pleasant & interesting one, & not too tiring nor too dusty. I am so glad to have the map, as then can follow you hourly. I shall miss you h o r r i b I y , but I am glad for you that you will be away for 2 days & get new impressions & hear nothing of Anias stories. My heart is heavy & sore – must one’s kindness & love always be repayed thus? The black family & now she? One is always told one can never love enough – here we gave our hearts our home to her, our private life even – & this is what we have gained! It is difficult not to become bitter – it seems so cruelly unjust. –

May God have mercy & help us, the heart is so heavy! I am in despair that she gives you worries & disagreeable conversations, no rest for you either. Well try & forget all these two days. I bless you & cross you & hold you tightly in my arms – kiss you all over with boundless love & devotion. I shall be in Church to-morrow morning at 9 & try to go again on Thursday – it does me good to pray for you when we are separated cannot get accustomed, for ever so short, not to have you in the house, tho’ I have our 5 treasures. –

Sleep well my Sunshine, my own precious one & thousand tender kisses fr. yr. own old


God bless & keep you.

Petergof, June 29-th 1914

My beloved One,

It is very sad not to accompany you – but I thought I would better remain with the little Ones quietly here. Heart & soul are ever near you with tenderest love & passion, all my prayers suround you – I am therefore glad to go at once to evening service when you leave & to-morrow morning at 9 to mass. I shall dine with Anna, Marie & Anastasia & go early to bed. Marie Bariatinsky will lunch with us & spend her last afternoon with me. –

I do hope you will have a calm sea & enjoy yr. trip wh. will be a rest for you – you need it, as were looking pale to-day.

Shall miss you sorely, my very Own precious One. – Sleep well my treasure, – my bed will be, oh, so empty.

God bless & kiss you. Very tenderest kisses fr. yr. own old


Tsarskoe Selo, Nov. 18-th 1914

My own beloved One, as a Feldjeger leaves this evening, I profit to write & tell you how we spent the morning. Such pain fills the heart without my Sweetheart being here – so hard to see you having all alone. – We went straight to the hospital after Fredericks had given me a paper to sign at the station. We had a good deal to do, but I sat long whilst the children worked. A. was in a stupid, unamiable mood. She went off earlier, to see Alia who arrives, & will only come back at 9 & not to our lecture. She never asked what I would do – once you are not there, she is glad to get out of the house. Its no good running away from ones sorrow. But I am glad to see less of her when she is unamiable.

What dirty weather! I am going to the Childrens’ hospital & then to the big palace.

Marie & Olga go rushing about the room, Tatiana has a lesson, Anastasia sits with her – Baby is going out after resting. The Governor calls me quickly. – I just received Mme Muftizade & then the business manager of my Tsarskoe Selo red cross of Suvalki. He has come to fetch things & ask for 2 motors. –

Beloved One, my very own Huzy dear – me wants kiss you, to cudle close & feel comfy. Now the children call me to the hospital, so I must be off. The man goes at 5. Goodbye lovy mine, God bless & keep you now & evermore.

All the children kiss you tenderly

Ever your very own



My Interview with Jesse Lee Peterson

In case you missed it when it was live, here is the link to my appearance of the Jesse Lee Peterson Show.

We talked about White History Month, my beloved Columbus, how whites today are conditioned to hate themselves, but that its a delicate balance not to whine and complain we are victims either -otherwise we just sound like the white version of Black Lives Matter.


#TradLife, Summertime Video of our Purposeful Family ♥

I have had so many requests for more TradLife videos. I hope to be able to bring you more like this in the future! We hope you are having a gorgeous summer, as our family is, walking in the ways of the Lord. God bless!

The Romanov Diaries: Tsar Nicholas II part 2

As we continue our look at the lives of the Romanov family through their own writing we gain an insight into the deep and loving relationship between Nicholas and Alix


Sept. 20th 1914. Oh, my love! It was hard bidding you goodbye and seeing that lonely pale face with big sad eyes at the waggon-window—my heart cried out, take me with you.… I came home and then broke down, prayed—then lay down and smoked to get myself into order. When eyes looked more decent I went up to Alexei and lay for a time near him on the sopha in the dark.”

18 November, 1914. My beloved Sunny and darling Wify.… I have read your sweet, tender letter with moist eyes. This time I succeeded in keeping myself in hand at the moment of parting, but it was a hard struggle.… My love, I miss you terribly—more than I can express in words.… I shall try to write very often, as, to my amazement, I have come to the conclusion that I can write while the train is in motion. My hanging trapeze has proved very practical and useful. I swung on it many times and climbed up it before meals.

25 November, 1914, in the train. My beloved, darling Sunny!… We [he had taken with him on his journey Nikolai Pavlovich Sablin, his aide-de-camp and one of the closest members of his retinue] are passing through picturesque country which is new to me, with beautiful high mountains on one side and steppes on the other.… I sat for a long time at the open door of the carriage and breathed in the warm fresh air with delight. At each station the platforms are crowded with people, especially children … they are charming with their tiny papakha [fur caps] on their heads.… The train is jolting terribly, so you must excuse my writing. After the hospitals I looked in for a minute at the Kouban Girls’ Institute and at a large orphanage dating from the last war, all of them Cossack girls.… They look well and unconstrained, here and there a pretty face.… This country of the Cossacks is magnificent and rich; a large number of orchards. They are beginning to be wealthy, above all they have an inconceivably high number of small infants. All future subjects. This all fills me with joy and faith in God’s mercy; I must look forward in peace and confidence to what lies in store for Russia

28 February, 1915. My beloved darling!… I was so happy to spend those two days at home—perhaps you noticed it, but I am foolish, and never speak of what I feel. What a nuisance it is to be always so busy and not to have an opportunity for sitting quietly together and having a talk! After dinner I cannot stay indoors, as I long to get out in the fresh air—and so all the free hours pass, and the old couple seldom get a chance of being together.

We will continue to bring you excerpts from the diaries of the Romanov family as we remember them this month. Please stay tuned.

Lauren Southern arrives in Australia

a post by @TraditionalMike on twitter

Continuing our coverage of Lauren Southern’s visit to Australia we can report that she arrived in Brisbane, Queensland to begin her time in the country.

She arrived earlier today and has already made her presence felt in a very good and strong way. Disembarking from her flight she was wearing an It’s Okay To Be White t-shirt


Already this has sent the leftist Australian media into a frenzy.

SBS reported her arrival by saying “Controversial Canadian anti-immigration activist Lauren Southern arrived in Brisbane ahead of her speaking tour, and she didn’t take long to stir up controversy.” took a slightly less extreme view on it: Right wing Canadian activist Lauren Southern has touched down in Brisbane ahead of a speaking tour later this month sporting an “It’s okay to be white” t-shirt

Lauren herself said when arriving in the country “It’s a pleasure to land and see Australia upholding it’s commitment to free speech and Western culture – something that may not be here for much longer if the left-wing Australian politicians continue their pathological worship of multiculturalism” 

She also made an appearance on Sky News Australia where she proudly declared she is happy being white.

You can find the dates for Lauren’s tour with Stefan Molyneux here Tour information

Plus will be continuing our rolling coverage of the tour as it happens around the country so stay tuned.

Welcome to Wife With A Purpose

Hello & Welcome.

You may be visiting us today for the first time as a result of Ayla’s appearance as a special guest with Jesse Lee Peterson. You might now be wondering who Ayla is and what does she do. Please allow us to take some of your time and show you who she is and what Wife With A Purpose is all about.

Ayla is a traditional homemaker and mom to 6 children. She is a Christian and a nationalist, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in German with a minor in Anthropology. She also holds a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality.

In September 2015 Ayla founded Wife With A Purpose Ministries. She began to work on several social media platforms with the view to spread the positive influence of Christianity and the benefits of living a traditional lifestyle.

We provide a forum which brings together people interested in God’s plan for happy families and wives dedicated to traditional homemaking. It also serves youth interested in an alternative to feminism and liberal ideology through articles, social media posts as well as instructional and informative YouTube videos on a variety of social and political subjects.

In July 2017 Ayla was joined at Wife With A Purpose Ministries by Traditional Mike. He began by assisting with some behind the scenes work, soon however Mike was assisting in other ways. He now writes articles for our website plus he posts on social media working in with Ayla across many platforms.

At the beginning of this year we launched a series of month long campaigns. Through our series of monthly campaigns we provide insight and inspiration on a ranger of subjects. These have included themes such as Our Children, Wilderness Revival & Righteous Fatherhood.

We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to Ayla and the work we do. If you did please stick around and join us on our journey.